Ocean of Knowledge by TSSP is a collection of resources that shell-ebrate our planet, put together to inspire action for a better tomorrow. 

Aside from being cute films that leave us feeling aww, there’s one other thing that Happy Feet and Wall-E have in common – they teach us to protect the environment. These classic animations are just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more films that remind us, as well as the younger ones, to be kind to Mother Earth. Here are some family-friendly options that are readily available online:


1. The Lorax

Available on Netflix

Can you imagine living in a world without trees? That’s Ted’s life, as his city only has artificial plants. To impress someone he likes, Ted decides to go on a mission to find a real tree, and learns about why his city became the way it is. The film is made by the same creators behind Despicable Me, and carries a strong message about human pollution and the need for environmentally sustainable practices.

What we can learn: While it is difficult for individuals like us to tell businesses and governments what to do, we can still take collective small steps to protect the environment. 


2. Over The Hedge

Available on Netflix

If you liked Madagascar, you’d love Over The Hedge. This underrated animated film features a group of furry friends who had just woken up from winter hibernation, only to find that their forest home has been transformed into a housing estate. A hilarious enmity then forms between the animals and the humans who can’t wait to get rid of them.

What we can learn: Animals deserve a home too! Let us remember to be considerate to them, be it the community cats in the neighbourhood or the forest creatures that we see on hikes around the island.


3. Avatar

Available on Disney+ 

This award-winning movie is set in 2154, when the Earth’s resources have been used up by humans. To ensure survival, an organisation called RDA is mining resources from the Pandora moon. Veteran Jake has been tasked to gather information about its inhabitants, the Na’vi. While doing so, Jake starts to bond with the tribe and falls in love with one of them. Avatar 2 is set to be released this year, so now’s the best time to rewatch this! 

What we can learn: The way the Na’vi fought to save their home from being taken over reminds us that we should respect nature by looking for sustainable ways of obtaining natural resources.


4. My Octopus Teacher

Available on Netflix

Watch filmmaker Craig dive into the ocean daily to meet a wild octopus that he slowly bonds with. The film shows close-up scenes of the octopus playing, hiding, and fighting sharks, highlighting the beauty of marine life. The rare and difficult-to-obtain footage of the wild octopus makes this award-winning film worth a watch, whether or not you’re a champion for the environment. 

What we can learn: The bond that Craig shares with the octopus reflects the delicate relationship between humans and wildlife, and how it’s important for us to live in harmony with them. 


5. Cultivating the Seas: History and Future of the Full-Cycle Cultured Kindai Tuna

Available on Netflix

Comment from writer: Can’t find the trailer but there are some posters on Google!

Love bluefin tuna? We do too, but the bluefin tuna’s population has been rapidly declining due to overfishing. The fish is notoriously difficult to farm and it wasn’t until 2002 that an Aquaculture Research Institute in Japan learned how to raise fully farmed bluefin tuna! Take a deep dive into the history and process of farming bluefin tuna through this documentary. The film is a great way for older kids who are passionate about marine life and science to expand their knowledge. 

What we can learn: The fascinating process of fish farming and how important it is to have sustainable sources of seafood. 


We hope these films will not only entertain the whole fam, but also teach the little ones on the importance of respecting nature! At TSSP, sustainability is a big part of what we do. Just like the researchers in Cultivating the Seas, we care about the impact of overfishing on marine life. Our seafood is sourced ethically, and we include the sustainability score of each product so you can make more informed choices. Check out what we’ve got


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