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Both! We work with like-minded partners to produce delicious seafood with minimal waste, and hormone- and GMO-free. Some of our partner farms are at sea so the products are wild-caught (eg. squid). Some are land-based, like Atlas Aquaculture and they grow their fish in their farm.

Every product’s country of origin, production method and other information are on its product page.

All our fish products are fresh, and have never been frozen. After processing, they are immediately vacuum-sealed, and kept chilled throughout until delivery.

Our prawns and sotong products are blast frozen for freshness. This means that they are frozen as quickly as possible after they are harvested for freshness.

You can find detailed information about our seafood on the product pages.

As our name suggests, sustainable seafood is our main goal, and it is a huge project that we have chosen to undertake. As lovers and farmers of seafood, we are aware of the impact that seafood consumption has on the environment. We are also aware that sustainable means different things to everyone. You can read more about our values, how we rate the sustainability score on our products, and if you’d like, we can start a conversation.

The scorecard is a simple checklist that we use to make sure that the products on our platform check off some of the things that we have considered for every product that we carry – species, sources, processing and mileage. With sustainability as our goal, it’s an ongoing process for us to work towards a better score for every product. For more information on the scorecard, click here.

Fresh produce means great tasting food no matter the cooking style. Do check out our recipe page for some tasty ways to enjoy our products, or check the respective product’s page for its recipes.

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Fish Products

We offer whole fishes (gutted, gilled, scaled), fillets, and slices.

The weight indicated in each product page is before processing for whole fishes. For fillets and slices, the weight indicated is approximate, and we try our best to portion the fish within a 50g buffer zone. 

Yes, all whole fishes are cleaned – gutted, gilled, and scaled.

Much care will be given to remove as many bones as we can during the filleting process. However, there might be stray bones that remain.


There is no minimum order for our products. We provide free delivery for orders above $88, and above $98 for orders in Tuas and Sentosa.

Please let us know 2 days in advance if you would like to change your order. Please note that any additional amount incurred will be charged separately, and any leftover amount will be converted to credits. Similarly for cancellations, we are able to convert your spent amount to credits for your next purchase with us.

All orders must be paid upon ordering / checking out.

We do! We’d love to hear more. Please contact us at lets@eatsustainable.co or 69806251 / 92386251.

Fish as presents? Best gift ever! Yes, you can! Do indicate during check out or contact us to let us know. We are open to doing further personalisation (eg. note writing) for the gift. 

Contact details: lets@eatsustainable.co or 69806251 / 92386251


Delivery is free for orders above $88, and above $98 for orders in Tuas and Sentosa. It would otherwise cost $10.

We currently deliver orders 10am – 5pm from Tuesday to Saturday.

Yes, for sure! Please indicate your date and preferred time slot when you check out. 

Location: 94 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699007
Collection hours: 10am – 5pm daily

Any changes to your self-collection timing can be made up to 1 working day before, subject to availability. Orders not collected and without indication will have their order amount converted into credits to be used for future orders.

To ensure the freshness and safe consumption of our products, we are obligated to see that it is literally transferred from our hands to yours. If no one is home within a window of 10 minutes upon arrival, the order will be sent back to our farm to be kept chilled. You can contact us for self-collection at our farm or to arrange for redelivery at a cost of $18.

Yes! Please inform us at least 2 days in advance. If the delivery addresses are to Tuas or Sentosa, please note that there will be an additional charge of $10 if your order amount falls below $88.

Each order is entitled to one delivery location. Do create a new order for each new delivery location.

We ensure freshness with cold-chain support. Our products are packed with ice in cold insulation boxes throughout delivery, and then transferred into a cooler bag before it reaches your doorstep.

In our bid to reduce packaging and any disposables, we have made a deliberate decision to move away from foam boxes for individual deliveries. All orders will still be packed with ice in larger insulation boxes to ensure freshness throughout the entire delivery process. Upon arrival at destination, orders are then either transferred to a cooler bag. We are also working on eliminating the use of plastic bags altogether.


All our products are vacuum-packed in a plastic pouch to seal in freshness. 

Tiger prawns are blast frozen after harvesting for freshness and kept in plastic boxes.

Our plastic packaging is an interim option, and we are committed to sourcing an earth-friendly alternative. 


We prefer PayNow/PayLah!, and we also accept all major credit cards. 

We do not allow cash refunds. We will instead convert the cash amount to credits for your next purchase with us. 🙂

After sales care

Every product’s storage information can be found on its product page.

Please contact us immediately at lets@eatsustainable.co or 69806251 / 92386251.

Membership & Points System

You just have to sign up! Having an account will help you keep track of your orders, and it also acts as a “bank” for the points you will receive with each payment. 

(Buying) more seafood earns you more points! The points can be accumulated and redeemed in your subsequent orders. Unfortunately they cannot be redeemed with use of discount or gift codes, but points will still be given based on your final amount paid.

There will be an option for you to redeem your points before you check out your cart. You will be able to redeem your points as they are.

No, they will not! 🙂 But we recommend eating fish every week because fish is good for you! 

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